Babs <3 (burnthistoashes) wrote,
Babs <3

The ex boyfriend

So Facebook apparently thought I might know my exes current girlfriend (she and I have s couple friends in common ) now this wouldn't bother me if initially last time we spoke he didn't practically beg for my forgiveness and tell me he wasn't getting back into a relationship with anyone, and guess what they've been dating since the decent 30th, awesome. Fuck him and his lies.

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I don't know if you've done this yet, but block her (and him). It helps keep moments like these from happening, but also, it helps keep away the niggling feeling of wanting to stalk their profiles and see what they're up to. Because you know whatever they're up to is going to piss you off, why let that temptation sit. If after 6 months you realize you haven't thought of either of them at all in a long time, you can always unblock them, but for now it might be easier to go about your business away from these upsets.
thats def a good idea, i just never occured to me that anyone he dates would have the same friends of mine, considering outside of myself the girls he dates are well ... "loose" im not saying that cause im bitter im saying that because he goes to sex parties with all the girls he dates, once again with the exception of me.. and well non of my friends to my knoweldge are into that sort of thing...but i guess peoples personal lives dont deem if were friends with them or was just all vry odd
I second blocking them. You don't need things or people bringing you down.
Yep, unsubscribe to their posts for now. Sorry you had to think about all that :(
He sounds pretty pathetic. You're lucky to be moving on from that.
im not subscribed to him in anyway, it was just a link to his current gf because shes friends with two of my friends FB said i may know her, he and i are def NOT friends on fb