the thoughts of a rebuilt prisoner

The ex boyfriend

So we spoke on the phone tonight to try and repair things on a friendly level in which he informed me he apologizes for all he did that he loved me but he was never inlove with me, he really only wanted a friendship with me not a relationship, he lied to me a lot and he was very sorry he's greatful cause from dating me he was able to discover himself and realize he doesn't want a relationship doesn't want marriage doesn't want kids not now not for a very long time ...... So I spent the last two years of my life putting in much effort and life into a relationship he never wanted but indulged in because he couldn't tell the difference between a girl that's a friend and a girlfriend so here I am still alone and now I know why he was never into me never wanted me I was just a mistake that enlightened him to who he really is.... He is seeing someone now her name is Kim they aren't rushing into anything just having fun going to sex parties together and exploring fetishes and such with one another and at "parties" ... I can't even go on a date without making up an excuse as to why I need to be home sooner than later and I haven't felt any type of spark for anyone before him or since him and yet m heart was wrong in thinking he was the one, I would love to believe ill find someone but I'm finding that harder and harder to believe.

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old school <3
so my uncle posted a ton of OOOOLLLD pictures of me on his photography page and i was just in awe, so i decided to post them and share :)

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