Babs <3 (burnthistoashes) wrote,
Babs <3

Way to go Barbara

So my friend came over to visit me last night because I was having a bit of an emotional fit she spent the night after buying dinner for us and snacks and what do I do I park her car in a non visitor parking spot and she got towed :( I completely messed up by a little not thinking correctly and now she has to dish out $175 to get her car back, granted I'm going to pay her back... But I feel like such a fuck up she's an amazing friend she's went over and beyond helping me out and how did I repay her but getting her car towed, awesome

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Something sorta similar happened to my friend at a party we went to. My friend parked behind this one neighbor's car. A couple hours later, some really angry neighbors came over to the house where the party was and started yelling at Rob (the guy who's house where the party was) because her car was parked behind theirs. My friend was trashed so someone else had to move her car. We're lucky they didn't call the cops or got her car towed.
But I hope things get sorted out for you :)
I feel really bad about the entire thing :( but got the car out... $165 later