Babs <3 (burnthistoashes) wrote,
Babs <3

Gym adventures

I went to the gym today, walk/jogged 1.3miles in 30min. I ate horribly buuuut at least I went to the gym, I think I'm going to give myself gym goals... like by Feb 1st be able the walk/run 1.7miles in 30min then slowly up the millage until I'm doing 2 miles in 30min. Maybe if I set goals like that it'll keep me on track with going to the gym.

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I think that sounds like an awesome idea :) Wish you the best of luck with it. You can do it!
im hoping it works out, im one of those people that... week 1 -- 30min gym time 7days a week, week 2 -- 1 hour gym time 2days a week, week 3 -- no gym, week 4 -- 30min gym time 4 days a week. im very not set on a routine
At least you are even going after a break week :) That is already something. Do you want to get it into a routine?
overall yes. i've been going everyday since 8th with the exception of 1 day. So, im trying to make it something i do atleast 5 days a week for atleast 30min of walking/jogging or bike riding. i just know its not going to do much if i keep eating the way i do, so i def need to work on that too. i do good throughout the day mostly, but then once i get home from work and really have nothing to do thats when it dies i start eating like extra meals (like ive had my three meals two snacks for the day) but then out of pure boredum from what i can figure i get super hungry and ended up adding in another entire meal.