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Start of a new weight loss

So from July 18th - July 22nd ill be in Cali for Comic Con. I'm going to meet up with my friend Eddie who lives in Cali, who also happens to be my first serious boyfriend back when I was 15 who I've been madly inlove with for 10years. We are going to get a hotel together for the 4 nights, did I mention I love him we have a super long past together. Anywho not only seeing him but also I would love to cosplay possibly as Witchblade. So I have Feb - July to loose weight, I'm currently at 250 I want to be at 200 I know that's extremely tricky but I'm thinking if can loose 7-10lbs a month I should be about where I want to be. I'm starting a fruit, vegetable, soup, salad diet which allows me to drink water, coffee, juice and fruit smoothies. With one carb allowed a day such as bread, a pasta, rice, cereal, oat, or potato. I can eat any meat as long as its baked, or cooked not fried or with very little butter or fat. Also with working out for one hour in the morning and thirty minutes at night on days I work so four days a week an hour and thirty minutes for cardio, two days weight lifting and stretching then one day off.

Walked for 60min @ 3.0mph burned 374 calories.

Stationary bike for 30min burned 396 calories.

Breakfast - strawberry banana smoothie with vanilla yogurt mixed in. one cup green grapes.

Lunch - one and a half serving of spaghetti with one serving (5) meatballs, piece if bread. water.

Snack - greek coffee.

Dinner - broccoli. half cup pomegranate juice.

Snack - apple. water.

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Ahhh, jealous! i would so love to attend Comic Con.
It's my first attending anything nerdy lol I'm super excited!!! Aliens, Buffy, and rogue all in one place OMG lol
Wow, that will be hard, but you can do it! I believe in you :)

ComicCon? I'm jelous. I visit a local one hear in Germany every year, but the "real" one in Calif must be great! Bet you've a lot of fun and bet you will look great in the cos!
yea im super determined, i mean i know its only day three but i feel like this is something i can really stick to! thank you!!!
Sounds like you're on your way! Good job on the first day, and good luck with all of it :)
thank you :) ill post weekly updates on wieght loss and such woot